BIM Consultancy, custom-made guidelines, workflows and software training. These are some of the services we offer. We cover every aspect of BIM and Digital Construction. Our firm therefore help clients to improve their understanding of how adopting BIM benefits their process.

We have a team of great design engineers offering a wide range of expertise. Above all we offer quality and reliable service. We have certainly been making a name for ourselves in this industry.

Digital construction is the use and application of digital tools to improve the process of delivering and operating. In other words we make the delivery, operation and renewal of built environment efficient. As well as more collaborative and safer.

BIM Authoring

BIM authoring tools create the actual models. The usual users of such tools are, for example designers, 2D to 3D conversion teams, and subcontractors. So the tools are therefore used during the design phase up to construction documents phase. Some tools are for instance, 3D Modelling, BIM Software and MEP.

Custom-made guidelines and workflows

In this firm we aim for efficiency. In other words, being able to control your construction business and consequently making better decisions faster. Moreover you will increase efficiency as well as decrease duplication when following custom-made guidelines and workflows.

In conclusion, adopting these strategies are firstly, a smart way to work, secondly time saving and thirdly financially beneficial. So you will be making your life easier as a result of structuring and streamlining your workflow by automating your tasks and connecting processes.

You are In Control

You can control every aspect of your construction project and thus stay ahead, with scalable construction solutions developed for today’s construction world.

Meanwhile you will boost productivity, increase efficiency and facilitate collaboration across your business. To sum up the best way to get what you want is to work smart and adopt smart tools and solutions. That is why you should come to us.

BIM  |  Consultancy  |  Software Training

In this day and age, Building Information Modelling (BIM) can be defined in multiple ways. Long story short, it is a process for creating and managing digital information across a construction project’s life cycle, delivering visibility, collaboration and workflow efficiency.

IMDE services cover every aspect of the Building Information Modelling and Digital Construction, and, help our clients to improve their understanding of how BIM adoption and implementation can apport a vast number of benefits to their process.

BIM Authoring

3D Modelling  |  BIM Software  |  Architecture  |  Structure  |  Structural Analysis  |  MEP  |  Standards  |  LOD  |  Office Template  | Parametric Library  |  Scan to BIM  |  CAD to BIM

Consultancy & Coordination

Coordinated Models  |  Project Coordination |  Clash Detection  |  Coordination Reports  |  Workflow Optimisation  |  Development Company Standards  |  Digital Model Check

Project Information Management

Digital Strategy  |  Model & Data Management  |  IFC  |  BIM Protocols  |  ISO 19650  |  Project Information Requirements  |  EIR  |  BEP  |  CDE  |  COBie

Software Training

Custom Training Programme  |  BIM Software  |  Autodesk Revit  |  Parametric Families  |  Office Library & Standards  |  Custom Template & Guide |  Workshop  |  Support

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